Moving in the Chicago area? Traffic and the bustle of city life can really
get in the way, making your move even more stressful. Experienced
Chicago Moving Companies understand the ins and outs of the
roadways and can cut your moving time and expenses, and make your
moving day easier from start to finish.
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Moving Companies
If you live in the Windy City and you're planning to move house, don't get blown away by unreasonable moving costs and unreliable movers. There are plenty of moving services out there to choose from, but if you want the Chicago Moving Companies that will best suit your moving needs, fill out our easy online form now for a free estimate!
Even if your move involves a simple change of neighborhood, Chicago Moving Companies can transport your belongings
safely and affordably from Hyde Park to Downtown with no hassle. When it's time to leave Chicagoland, Chicago Moving
Companies can take you out of town towards your further destination.
But Chicago Moving Companies can do more than move your home. What if you are moving up the corporate ladder and changing offices along The Magnificent Mile? No matter how long or short the distance, Chicago Moving Companies can
load your office equipment, important files, desk toys, and furniture to your new location so you don't lose a day of work
trying to move yourself.
At CMC, your move will be managed by one of our Relocation Consultants. A tailor made moving plan will be developed and will factor in all considerations including moving date, time, elevators and stairs, travel and traffic. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective and time efficient move possible.
A CMC moving team will pack specialty items such as major electronic equipment (television, computer, etc.), pictures, mirrors, lamps, etc. All furniture will be fully wrapped and padded to ensure their safety during transport. Crating, assembly, or disassembly of previously designated pieces will be completed. Should you require, boxes and supplies will be provided for you to pack your property.
Your belongings will be catalogued and a list of all items to be moved provided for your convenience.